Animal Production Society of Kenya (APSK)

About Animal Production Society of Kenya (APSK)

APSK was formed in 1968 and registered as a society in 1969 (as a Branch of the EA Animal production Society). Animal Production Society of Kenya (APSK) is a non-profit making organization whose aim is to bring together individuals, groups, institutions or/and other organizations with interest in Animal Production in Kenya - Mainly professionals in animal production.

The APSK contributes to knowledge and information sharing; research priority setting in animal science and natural resource managements.

APSK envisions 'to be the lead professional society for sustainable livestock development, food security and wealth creation'.

Our mission is 'to facilitate livestock production professionals and stakeholders in acquiring and utilizing cutting-edge knowledge and technologies for sustainable livestock development, food security and wealth creation'


  1. Provide a platform for research workers, agricultural trainers, extension officers, farmers, processors, livestock traders and other actors along livestock value chains market agents to exchange knowledge, information and ideas.
  2. Encourage the dissemination and practical application of research findings and technologies in animal production.
  3. Assist members in self development in their professional disciplines with respect to project proposals, collaboration and linkages with relevant organizations nationally, regionally and internationally.
  4. Establish and strengthen collaboration and partnership with relevant national, regional and international organizations.
  5. Contribute to / influence development and amendment of policies on livestock production aspects.
  6. Contribute to the development and review of curricula in animal production disciplines offered by institutions of higher learning.
  7. Undertake or commission research and consultancies in animal production.
  8. Advocate for, and provide professional advice on the development of the livestock industry.
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